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As you have read in last episode.
 Lucky and their friends are frightening with wolf and at last wolf get run away .
                                                                     Now further from that , anyway they cross the forest and came to home. then they were discussing about incident that it was so much dangerous incident. From tomorrow we should to take care in way. Adam and lucky laughing on Amanda that you were on tree during that. then she replied that i was so frighten after saw that wolf. that was so dangerous. you all see me from next time. Now they reach their home. 

                                                Then , in night after dinner, lucky go on bed and he is still so much confuse about that wolf. why he attack on me? then, Dakon asked from him that why are you so in problem? what happened with you? Then he answered that no, I am fine nothing happened to me . but till late night he thinking about that then next day leave in school. so, they do not go to school and enjoy a whole day and again talk to Adam about that incident.

                                                            storm daily fighting with students then one day he get punished with two students in school of stand whole day out of class. Then from that day, they became friend. their name are'' carrick'' & '' carney''. They are also from high society and both of them also like storm are so naughty boy.

                                                         After together, they became so naughty . one day when they are in class they quarrel with classmates then they decided that storm and their friends prepare a plan to beat that in school bus . then after school they are going to their home by bus, then they start quarreling with that beat badly to that students.during clash storm  becomes hyper and in worst form he beaten up that. due to this from next day , those three are suspended from  school for one week  and reported to their parents. 
                                            lucky said to Adam and Amanda please do not explain that incident in front of anyone. if my parents known about this then they not allow me to go school.

                      lucky not forget that day's incident and again in night, when he sleep. then he saw a very dangerous dream. In that dream he saw that wolf , that  regularly see him everyday and then attack on him and he is not alone, come with their team to attack on him. Then he just wake up with scream & loud voice and too much frightening then his mother take him in her lap and said to lucky please sleep again, no one is here, i am with you,nothing happen with you.
but, lucky didn't said anything to his mother.  

                                        Then, next morning again he ready to go school and met with his  friends then he explain about night's dream in way to school.

                                                                                              written by:- vikash ranjan
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