Sunday, 19 March 2017

                   THE DAZZLE MAN

Lucky get birth and oldest person in that society who also came to see this baby . he is so much knowledgeable person. after seen baby he get wondered and said that it is amazing child and special baby sent by god. it is god's messenger and came for our welfare.
                    In meanwhile , in same week another baby also came in this world . but there is a lot different from this. situation is so much different , this baby came with good luck all setup got birth in millionaries family richest family of vazinia. and in this family '' baby is youngest child, baby is boy and one elder sister and one elder brother in family.
                          A good things occur this side lucky's father get job  in diamond cutting factory and purnia also start to find work for survival of family. then she get work in big bunglow of cleaning and sweeping.
                    Another side, after birth parents give name to his children ''storm'' because on the day of birth , night full  of storm and heavy rain . a lot of damage occur in vazinia that night. father's name is ''smith'' and wife name was ''kally'' and his sister name ''poppy'' and brother's name ''sam''. in his home on birth of storm 
Mr. smith organise a party in which whole business men of vazinia
came and also big gangsters came to join party because the master mind of vaziniz was smith whole black world controlled by him and he is king of black vazainia .
                                                    All people who came in party one of them said that this child is amazing and different because at party night also heavy rain and storm come. 

                                                       Vazinia not only full with richest and gansters. it is so much amazing city beauty exist here. it is so much beautiful city. vazinia's morning is so much beautiful . from different corners of world came here to see the morning and vazinia beauty in winter season whole city get covered with snow and nature full with beauty.

                           further in next episode    

                                 written by:- vikash kumar   
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