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                     THE DAZZLE MAN  

In the mean while time, a city name ''VAZINIA''  which is located in central part of earth. This is so much popular city of this time  of whole universe and most beautiful city of universe . people said that it is heaven on earth and for many it is hell of present time. But one thing about this city is that it so much dangerous and corrupted city and also so much polluted city. whole mafia and gangster live here.power station of black power of whole world is here. from here whole world get control .                

                                                                                                                                                  Every bad things occur anywhere in world . only one is responsible for these activities that is ''vazinia'' .all millionaires of world lived here. it is that city where only two types of society lived here RICHEST AND POOR family only. there is no middle class .        here government is present but it takes worst form, type of dictatorship work here. govt. is outlook face inner work is like dictatorship. here gangsters, millionaires and powerful people.     this city called tech city of world.  it is powerhouse of technology. some new technology is develop every day. big- big buildings are here, large monuments bungalows, and lakes, hills and beautiful nature.                                            
                                                                                                                     Another face of city lived in back part of city or you can say old '' vazinia''. in really vazinia is here main city in past. A large no. of factories setup in this city. where people of old vazinia work there.        
                                                                                                                                                        In meanwhile in ''old vazinia'' a family of two members live there. husband name ''DAKON'' and wife name is ''PURNIA'' . they are hard labourer . wife is less educated and husband is illiterate person and work in factory. Dakon daily go to shop and scratch a lucky coupon but till today he never won and get prizes . after marriage till longtime they have no any children. they were in so much problem due this cause. many times purnia went to nearby clinic to get checkup.  but there is no any solution. about after five years marriage purnia bacome pregnant . they become happy.                                                                                                                                    
                           meanwhile dakon's job is no more, by force he unclasped from factories, because he is so kind and honest. then he is in problem and always think that how my family survive, from  tomorrow what i give my child to eat . and daily he wander here and there in search of work. he got work in another house as a servant and he is ready to work there on very low payment hundred rupees monthly.                                                                                                                      Today is date of delivery of purnia and they have no money for this . dakon debt money from neighbour and take purnia to nearby clinic and successfully delivery occur there and baby is boy. since birth for three hours regular weeping and cry also but after that suddenly he silent and never cry. he is so smart and white beautiful like his mother . then both become happy and they come home with baby. by seeing this neighbours also happy . in evening dakon go to the shop and scratch a lucky coupon and this day miracle occur he get success in lucky coupon and he won prizes of one lakh rupees and he get so much happy and take all things for home and many food items for baby and purnia . and then he come back to home and said these whole incident to his wife and also she become happy and say '' god is everywhere and for all '' today he confess my worship . by seeing this miracle they give name to his son ''lucky'' . from today that baby known as lucky. Father of purnia also lived there in old vazinia and he is saint he also come purnia's home to see baby and after see baby he says that it is self a miracle and wonder boy. and give bless to lucky .

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                                         WRITTEN BY:- VIKASH KUMAR


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